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Let’s Get It OM!

Flexible enough for Monday night yoga in our salt room? I mean let’s be honest, sometimes life has us bending over backward while balancing the world on any possible surface of our body anyway; So why not allow us to help you reap those back-bending benefits?

Here is Why Friends Don’t Let Friends Miss Yoga

Whether you are looking to switch up your fitness routine or are already a seasoned yogi, we welcome you to join us on this amazing opportunity to de-stress.

We love yoga simply because it enhances every aspect of our entire being. Something weighing heavy on your mind? No worries, it’s clinically proven that the regular practice of yoga improves our mental health by decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Missing the “good ole days” when your body seemed to have superpowers? Well, prepare to inhale the future and exhale the past! Our yoga classes will restore that youthful feeling while building strength, balance, agility, and flexibility. 

Our spirit has a way of reminding us of our potential. The most beautiful thing about yoga is how it promotes focus and center alignment. You will find yourself increasing your inner connection as well as elevating your spiritual energy.  Allow our classes to aid you on your journey to find your passion or reconnect with it!

We’ve combined these incredible attributes with the dynamic healing influences of halotherapy to gift to you a Monday worth looking forward to! Take that world! 

To ensure an intimate ambiance, we set the maximum number of attendees to 4 per class. Call us today to secure your spot for this complete mind, body and spiritual adventure. 

Tried it already? Let’s chat about it! Tell us about your yogi experience in the comments below.