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Yikes! Is It The Holidays Already??

It’s so hard to believe that we are rapidly approaching the holidays. Especially since Summer was like .. yesterday! Whether you are planning ahead this year or you are a professional last-minute shopper, AXIOS has what you need to receive the annual giver of the season award! 



Tis the season to seem chaotic! Sometimes the hustle and bustle in an attempt to double-check off that extensive list of kids’ electronic gifts can create stress. Add that to making sure you successfully shop all of the must-have ingredients to prepare your family’s favorite holiday dishes, and you’re begging for the holidays to bring on the cheer already! Just when you think you have it all under control you realize that you forgot your spouse! Oh no! How could this happen…? AGAIN?! 

Well, great news. We can fix that! Last year was the last year you ever have to add to the funky tie, casual cardigan, or tacky sock collection. Instead, you can rescue your reputation with one of our AXIOS lifestyle spa membership options!

Our Membership options are as follows:

  • Bronze spa package 
  • GOLD juice bar + spa package
  • GOLD family juice bar + spa package

We made it so easy that with one click you can choose a package that is the best fit for you! 


Our membership  fees are your direct store credit investment for the month! We provide numerous ways for you to earn a return on your investment. 

 Help kick off New Year fitness goals with store credit that can be applied towards our Cryoskin Slimming and Toning procedures. Our vast variety of vitamin and mineral-packed juices and smoothie options are also great steps towards dietary changes.  

Assist in relieving  holiday developed stress and anxiety with credit for massage and skincare services.

 Breathe easier with free salt bed sessions that build, detoxify, and restore our respiratory health.

 Enjoy additional bonuses like discounted products and so much more! 

An AXIOS lifestyle spa membership under your belt practically places your name on that  annual gift giver of the season award!