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Balance Prevents  Burnout PT  2

Welcome to week two AXIOS Family! We are so proud of everyone aiming to be better versions of themselves! As promised we are here with week two’s tips to help you find balance and avoid burnout! This week is all about revisiting your reasons for setting new goals as well as celebrating small victories.


Am I the only one who notices temptation lurking in every corner when focused on making positive changes? They say love is a battlefield; Well, it has nothing on having discipline for self-improvement! Temptations are experts at making us feel as if our old ways are way more convenient than our revolution. This is why we find it important to revisit your reasons for change whenever you are feeling pressure to give in. Writing a very detailed journal entry on what motivated you to implement positive changes in the first place will give you the strength needed to push another day! 


It is perfectly healthy to celebrate yourself for reaching small milestones. As a matter of fact, we encourage it!  Having positive reinforcements for yourself is critical to having success. We aren’t talking about eating junk for a day because you have eaten clean for two weeks. Celebrations like that are a slippery slope.  We are talking about doing something you enjoy as a treat that still aligns with your goals. Every day we strive to be a sanctuary to all looking to improve their overall health and wellness. We also aspire to celebrate small victories and milestones with you. Have you been working hard on your fitness goals for two weeks straight? Marvelous job, come allow us to congratulate you as you celebrate your hard work with a massage and accompanying heat treatment add-on.


We never know where the motivation for someone else is pulled from. Let us help motivate each other into week number 3, by finding our resolution twin! Comment below some of the reasons you started your New Year’s resolutions.

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