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Balance Prevents  Burnout PT  3

Hello AXIOS Family, we have successfully conquered week three of our transition; that beautiful people is worth celebrating. Let’s all take this moment together to breathe. Wherever you are press the pause button to breathe in gratitude, progress, and prosperity, exhaling any events this week that may have pushed you out of alignment. There are times when we feel burnout approaching, and other times it sneaks in when we are feeling most alone or vulnerable. That is why the tip of the week building your community. 



Building a supportive community is imperative to thriving in the world of goal-reaching. Mobile devices grant us 24-hour access to our favorite people as well as forms of entertainment. Although they allow us more opportunities to be connected; simultaneously, they allow us to distance ourselves in social environments. 


This reality is difficult to face when you are making changes that cause you to venture outside of your comfort zone. I assure you whatever your resolutions for this year are, you are not alone! Here are 5 tips to help you find your tribe spicing up your experiences!

  1. Join a Facebook group.
    1. Follow hashtags related to your goals and connect with people just like you. Try creating conversation by introducing yourself or commenting on posts in which you can relate. 
  2. Take a more intimate workout class.
    1. Going to the gym is scary for beginners; however, smaller group classes provide you with an instructor to assist in goal reaching as well as a group of people you’ll begin to see weekly. Perfect place to build connections. 
  3. Start a blog.
    1. Starting a blog may take a tad bit longer to grow a community compared to joining one. That doesn’t mean it won’t flourish into a beautiful community beyond imagination. 
  4. Download the “Meetup” app.
    1. The Meetup app provides you access to different community events you can attend in your area.
  5. Let us help you.
    1. We have social media groups, classes, and a communal juice bar that is guaranteed to help you find your tribe!


As always, we love hearing from you! Have you built a new community to support you this year? How did you do it? Share with us your tips in the comment box below.

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