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Double Cleansing… Who, what, when, where, and why?!

We all know that washing your face is something you should be doing once if not twice a day. Introducing a double cleanse or “pre cleanse” method to your skin care routine adds lots of rejuvenating skin care benefits that you don’t want to miss out on. Don’t fret you don’t have to miss a thing! I will be covering what you’ll be gaining from adding a double cleansing method into your routine, how to double cleanse like a seasoned professional, as well as my favorite skin care products to use during double cleansing. What are you trying to accomplish when you wash your face? Easy clean fresh skin, right? Well undoubtedly clean skin is exactly what you gain from double cleansing. Sunscreen, makeup, oil, dirt, and free radicals ( free radicals are microscopic pollutants that live in the air and settle on your skin ) stand in the way of you and clean healthy skin. A single cleanser struggles to remove everything from your face, while also cleaning and treating the skin. Leftover product dirt and oil over time leads to premature aging, acne, discoloration, and overall tired dull looking skin. Double cleansing allows the first step to ensure the removal of things such as sunscreen, dirt, or makeup, while the second step is able to reach the skin to cleanse and treat it from everything it encountered throughout the day allowing you to finish cleansing feeling confident in your clean skin. 

To double cleanse you want to have two very different cleansers in your arsenal. One to help lift and remove makeup, sunscreen, dirt, oil, ext. and one to help treat/clean the skin. To begin generously wet your face with warm (not hot) water, then for sixty seconds use circular massage like motions to help effectively cleanse. I always recommend using a gentle non abrasive cloth during this step to help lift, and remove heavier products, such as makeup and sunscreen. Finish off the first cleanse by rinsing thoroughly with warm (not hot) water. Following your first cleanse the second cleanse will be targeting your skin to ensure that everything has absolutely been removed of anything that could negatively affect the skin. Additionally, the second cleanser should have some targeting property to help treat/boost the skin. Once again generously wet your face and apply your second cleanser, repeat the same circular massage motions focusing on problem areas like the T-zone and hairline. Following these steps will lead you down a path towards healthy, happy, beautiful skin. 

Now all you need to know is what two cleansers are going to be there for you helping you remove makeup and stand up against premature aging. Allow me to introduce you to cleanser number one an award-winning Eminence product the stone crop cleansing oil. This product is what I recommend to everyone for their pre cleansing step. Made with jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and brightening stone cops this non greasy cleansing ultra-gentle oil balances the skin, while effectively removing even the toughest makeup. This cleansing oil works wonderfully with all skin types, making it the perfect candidate for those in need of a pre cleansing cleanser. Regarding your follow up cleanser there is more of a selection since you want something to treat the skin it varies based on what the skin needs. However, for a universal go to I recommend pairing the stone crop cleansing oil with the Eminence stone crop gel cleanser. This product is derived from succulent plants and provides an ultra-hydrating cleans. The stone crop cleanser is incredibly gentle yet powerfully effective while creating beautiful skin over time regardless of the state your skin is in when you start using it. 

Double cleansing is something I practice in my facials as well as in my own skin care routine and I hope It can become a part of yours. Today, we rush through so much throughout the day and skin care is something that can force us to pause and lean into ourselves and our wellbeing for a moment. Double 

cleansing is the most effective technique to get the most out of the time you spend cleaning your skin and I hope everyone reading will give it a try and prosper!

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