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1122 Thomasville Rd #3 Tallahassee, FL 32303
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Our Philosophy

AXIOS lifestyle spa was formed with the desire to create a wellness center focused on healing from the inside-out. We’ve created a welcoming environment, an urban sanctuary where you can heal from within, take time for self-care, and balance your lifestyle in true sense!

Meet Chantelle

Hello, I’m Chantelle, Founder & Owner of AXIOS lifestyle spa.
Growing up in Central Florida, I always knew I wanted to help people. Giving back to the community was important to me. This passion led me to massage therapy school, where I learned to affect change for people.

I was struggling with chronic pain and an unhealthy lifestyle, it’s at the school, that I learned to take better care of myself; it was hard to take care of people and teach them about healthy living when I wasn’t willing to adopt the same changes.

After massage therapy school, I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in religious studies.
Massage therapy is both a physical and a spiritual experience, and I use the knowledge and my education to help clients get the most out of their practices.
At AXIOS, helping people reach their goals is most rewarding for me; especially athletes who have so many physical demands on their bodies. I feel privileged when I’m teaching people about the value of good nutrition. If you’re not putting good things into your body, the exertion of working out is often a wasted effort.
I’m determined to help other girls and young women develop the skills they need to become independent entrepreneurs in their own right.

Our Mission

AXIOS is a guest inclusive lifestyle spa for anyone seeking balance and a sense of well being. Through education and experience, we deliver the highest quality experiences, in a fun and uplifting environment.