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Salt Therapy FAQs

You don’t have to be sick to benefit from our salt therapy; everyone can benefit! Every day we breathe in air polluted by allergens, exhaust, smoke and other toxins. Our bodies can detoxify themselves up to a certain point naturally but they can’t always keep up. As a result, our internal systems become stressed and our physical performance suffers – we may get sick, develop allergies or even chronic illnesses. Regular detox practices like salt therapy boost the body’s natural defense mechanisms.
The salt we use for our respiratory treatments is pure sodium chloride (NaCl): all moisture and other trace elements found in raw salt are removed. Pure NaCl is placed inside a Halogenerator that crushes the compound into micro particles. The particles are pushed into the salt room or into the glass covered salt bed until a predetermined concentration level is reached. Your most important job in the process is to simply breathe properly. Slow, deep and rhythmic breathing enables the salt to circulate more efficiently through your respiratory system.
Yes, salt therapy is safe and beneficial for everyone. In fact, we have a special family salt room where children can play during their treatment. Please feel free to bring your child’s favorite non-electronic toy with you! However, we do not recommend electronics because the salt is corrosive and we are not responsible for damaged items if you choose to bring them inside the salt room.
Adult and family group sessions are 45 minutes. Private sessions in our salt bed range from 15-25 minutes.
This depends on your condition and your goals. If you have terrible seasonal allergies, you may want unlimited monthly access during that specific time. If you have a chronic condition, you may want to visit weekly. At the onset of a cold or after an illness, you may want to visit a few days in a row to boost your body’s ability to fight or recover from sickness. We are happy to help you decide what is best for your personal situation.
Nothing you wouldn’t take to the beach. We do NOT recommend bringing electronics into the salt rooms because the salt is corrosive to metals. We are not responsible for damaged items. We do not have lockers, so we recommend you limit your belongings whatever fits in your pockets or handbag.
If you’re planning to join an adult group session, we suggest you wear clothes you’ll be comfortable lounging in for 45 minutes. We have comfortable oversized zero gravity chairs in our adult salt room. Children can wear anything they would be comfortable playing in outdoors. If you’re coming in for a private chamber session, wear clothes that can be easily taken on and off because you are able to lie in the bed in your undergarments.
No. You should always consult with your physician(s) before discontinuing any medications or prescribed treatments. Halotherapy is a natural compliment to traditional medicine and it may work as an alternative therapy for some people who are highly receptive to the treatment. Similar to other therapies, salt therapy will work for some people better than others. Many people have experienced positive effects from salt therapy and have been able to at least reduce the amount of medication they take, but we do not guarantee this result. ALL changes to your regularly prescribed health care regimen should be carried out under your doctor’s supervision.